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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you pronounce your first name?



What’s your real name?

My full name is Ely Percy Calderwood* but I write under the name Ely Percy.

*I got married in 2022 and have since changed my surname - however I’m still known professionally as Ely Percy.


What’s the name you were born with?

My birth-name was Lynsey Calderwood, but I changed it to Ely Percy Calderwood in August 2017, shortly after I came out as agender. You can read more about my transition and my name change here and here


(Note: Please think twice before asking a trans / non-binary person what their 'real' name is - more info about why this might be upsetting / considered offensive is available here )


What pronouns do you use?

They, them and theirs.


I heard you had amnesia – what’s that like? 

I was diagnosed with retrograde, anterograde and post-traumatic amnesia following an acquired brain injury in 1992. You can read more about it here


See if I hit you over the head with a <insert blunt object of your choice>, do you think that would help get your memory back?

Please don’t!


Why are lots of your stories written under a different name?

See answer to question 3.


I really enjoyed your Bean Love blog – why did it have to end?

Bean Love was an experimental year-long writing project that I started mostly as a way of keeping in touch with my friends back in Scotland. I learnt a lot from it, but it was also stressful at times because I felt I wasn’t always being my authentic self – I was constantly editing the posts so that they reflected the person I thought my family and friends wanted me to be. (I added the entry on coming out two years after what I’d intended as the final post because I wanted to be completely honest with my readers)


Can I ask a question about your writing?



Where can I buy your novels?


You can get both Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz and Duck Feet direct from the publishers*. 


And here:

*Duck Feet is currently out of print but ebook and audio book versions as well as a new print run will be available later in 2022. 

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